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Dust Free Floor Sanding And Sealing

I can offer suitable underfloor insulations for all suspended floors – floors fitted on joists. Flooring restoration work gives one in a lifetime opportunity to access space underneath floor structure and insulate.

Insulating wooden floors bring a number of benefits. First of all an insulated floor feels much warmer. Some people complain that wooden floors feel cold when you walk on it with no shoes on. That’s caused by cold air or concrete underneath. Properly insulated wooden floors feel much warmer and because they are not exposed to cold from underneath, they are less susceptible to shrinking or expending through seasons of the year.

By insulating your wooden floors you also limit your property’s carbon emissions. In current challenging times it is more important than ever to think our carbon footprint and how we contribute to worsening global warming. Heating your home is the most polluting activity related to your house. Insulating your floors reduces your home’s heating requirements significantly, saving you money and helping the climate.

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