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Dust Free Floor Sanding And Sealing

Core of my service is dust free sanding. Every wood species and every type of floor requires different abrasives to be sanded effectively with minimal loss of wood material on flooring. Years of experience allow me to instantly identify what work and materials are needed to restore your floors.

I use dust free equipment by the world’s leading manufacturers. Extracting dust is our top priority and every piece of equipment I am using is extracting and collecting dust during the sanding process. 

I can offer suitable finishes to all types of wooden floors. In most cases I recommend applying heavy duty varnish. Modern varnishes are polyurethane based (water based), they have low shine, they do not smell and they give you very natural wood colouring.

Gone are the days of orange, mirror like shiny varnishes. Floors finished by me are natural looking, durable and easy to maintain. 

When working with pine floors, I offer option of filling gaps between boards before sanding. Filling gaps between old boards brings a number of benefits. Draught from underneath the floor is completely eliminated. I is also much easier to keep such floor clean as no dirt accumulates in floorboard gaps.

I fill gaps between between boards using larch wood slivers. Colour of larch wood matches old pine perfectly. It is also a relatively hard wood species, which allows wedge shaped strips to penetrate floorboard gaps very well.

If you fancy something different that a simple clear finish, I can offer a range of wood dyes to change colour of your floor. Normally it means applying a coat of wood stain before protective coats of varnish or oil go down on the floor.

Once wood dye is applied it still lets you see and enjoy every single detail of wood grain. It does not mask or cover visible wood structure, making it look truly like a different wood species.

I can make my wood dyes work with any protective sealants, so I can still use my normal varnishes and oils on stained floors without compromising durability.

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