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We had a pleasure working on original pine flooring in terraced Property in Easton. Sadly, it did turn out that there was plenty of rot and woodworm damage that was never addressed properly. After decades of neglect, the structural issues were so serious that we had to rebuild the floor from scratch.

Most of the floor structure was still original, which means it was almost a hundred years old. Not only it was exposed to moisture over decades, because of bad or lack of moisture barrier, but it was also affected by woodworm as well. Because of that, the floor had to be rebuilt. That meant redoing sleeper walls, which were very weak, supplying and fitting new joists and then covering the new structure with new floorboards.

New subfloor was built using modern materials more suitable for damp conditions. All the wood was insulated using damp proof course and treated against woodworm. We were working up to the original floor level so we did not have to remove skirting boards.

Ground underneath the floor was tidied up as well. Thanks to that nothing will be decomposing under the house and air circulation will be better, which will prevent damp problems in future and eliminate any unpleasant smells from under the floor.


The floor was relaid with solid oak tongue and groove floorboards. It’s safe to say that it is a floor for life. Not only everything under the floor was completely rebuilt, but also the boards on top will last a lifetime as well. It is extremely rare to find woodworm in oak wood and even when it wears and has to be sanded, loss of material on hardwood is so minimal that it can be done many times over.


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